Full Life Ministry Kenya (FLMK) was established to continue the work of discipleship according to Matt. 28:19-20. We request your prayers to petition God to do through us what He desires. 

      {FLMK is a 501c3 organization}

Triumphant Grace Academy Building Project (Needed for 2020)

We praise God for the wonderful people at Baptist Temple in McAllen TX. They funded construction of our government required Administration building which was completed in February.  May God… abundantly bless everyone at Baptist Temple!!!

We are praying for the additional funds to construct six classrooms. This will enable us to continue educating these precious children. The cost for each classroom is $5,200 (present exchange rate). We have a generation of children who are depending on us to make a way where there is no way. Become part of a project that will change lives. Please go to our “Donate page” or email us to discuss the way forward.   Thank you for making a difference…

God is preparing warrior disciples for His last days army, who know Him and know His Word. It’s time to fight. Unless we “know” Him, “love” Him and become “skilled” in His Word, we will fall on the battlefield and our hands will be empty when we stand before Him. Full Life Ministry Kenya is dedicated to Matthew 28:19-20