August 2015

Our people, young & old are growing in their relationships with our Savior and Lord, Yesu Kristo (Jesus Christ). Through the mandate to go make disciples, we recorded a small portion of what God is doing in His people in Kenya.


Maggie is 9 yrs. old and is pursuing her diploma in New Life In Christ at FLMK Mailisaba Worship Centre. Our youngest child is 4 yrs old and our oldest adult is 64 yrs. old.


Mama Hope recites 9 of 12 memory verses that were required for her NLC Discipleship diploma. Since her conversion from being a Muslim, Mama Hope is excelling in the Word that has set her free. Her husband also previously a Muslim, has led others to Christ through deliberate evangelism being equipped through FLMK’s Discipleship program.


Hope is 4 yrs. old and she is the daughter of Mama Hope.

God is preparing warrior disciples for His last days army, who know Him and know His Word. It’s time to fight. Unless we “know” Him, “love” Him and become “skilled” in His Word, we will fall on the battlefield and our hands will be empty when we stand before Him. Full Life Ministry Kenya is dedicated to Matthew 28:19-20