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August 2015

Our people, young & old are growing in their relationships with our Savior and Lord, Yesu Kristo (Jesus Christ). Through the mandate to go make disciples, we recorded a small portion of what God is doing in His people in Kenya.


Maggie is 9 yrs. old and is pursuing her diploma in New Life In Christ at FLMK Mailisaba Worship Centre. Our youngest child is 4 yrs old and our oldest adult is 64 yrs. old.


Mama Hope recites 9 of 12 memory verses that were required for her NLC Discipleship diploma. Since her conversion from being a Muslim, Mama Hope is excelling in the Word that has set her free. Her husband also previously a Muslim, has led others to Christ through deliberate evangelism being equipped through FLMK’s Discipleship program.


Hope is 4 yrs. old and she is the daughter of Mama Hope.

God is preparing warrior disciples for His last days army, who know Him and know His Word. It’s time to fight. Unless we “know” Him, “love” Him and become “skilled” in His Word, we will fall on the battlefield and our hands will be empty when we stand before Him. Full Life Ministry Kenya is dedicated to Matthew 28:19-20



July 2015

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FLMK 2015 Pastor/Wife Conference – On July 9th our pastors and their wives traveled to Kitui to spend 3 days together with Bishop Kenny & National Women’s Director Dawn Chivington. Bishop Kenny met with our Pastors teaching on their responsibilities as husbands and Dawn ministered to all the women on their role as a wife. Then, all met together for more teaching on Christian marriage and leadership in the church. We all enjoyed an awesome time of drawing closer in our relationships to each other and to Yesu(Jesus). We want to say a special “Thank You” to our Sister Lucy for sacrificing her time to come and be our interpreter.

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FLMK CHILDREN CRUSADES – We gathered pictures from our churches so you could have a glimpse at what our 2015 FLMK Childrens Crusades looked like at Kamwingi, Mailisaba & Manyatta Worship Centres. We had a total of almost 600 children in these crusades. They learned scripture, made crafts, were taught about sin, Christ and salvation then played games and enjoyed a snack time. We thank Dawn Chivington for all her labors to make these crusades a success. We also want to thank the BT Church in McAllen, TX. USA for providing all the crafts for our children! We thank Mungu(God) most of all for His faithfulness as over 300 of these children trusted Christ as their savior!!



April 2015

We praise God for all that He has enabled FLMK to accomplish in the last few months.         Mungu ni mwaminifu!(God is faithful!)       As you view these pictures, we believe you too will agree that the God we serve is awesome…

FLMK Mailisaba Worship Centre

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Bishop Kenny & Pastor Shadrack baptized 11 on April 4th adding to the 13 that were baptized this past November. God is growing His church that was planted just ten months ago. Each Sunday service now has 50-60 worshippers.

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The congregation of FLMK Mailisaba Worship Centre dedicated their new land on April 12th. In the future they will be building a new church building. For now, they planted maize and are expecting a bountiful harvest later this fall.




FLMK Manyatta Worship Centre    

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On April the 12th we celebrated the opening of our new Worship Centre. The day was filled with praise, worship, preaching with over 200 people. We completed the celebration with much food and fellowship. Thank you, Jesus

January 2015


Construction began December 8th 2014 on the new building for Manyatta Worship Centre. The foundation was completed in late December and the walls were completed before the end of January. Much excitement continues as we begin to roof this building which will be used for worship, teaching, discipling and much more. God has shown Himself to be faithful as His children seek to follow Jesus’s  mandate to “go make disciples”.










We had started construction of a new home for  pastor James Masila this past July. It has been a long journey, but Pastor Masila and his family have moved into their new home. Only God could “make a way” to bring this blessing to a family who has served their Lord and Savior faithfully in the face of much adversity. The pictures below were taken in November when we were planning how to finish the inside of their home.


November 2014

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Kamwingi Crusade – 2 days of ministering to these wonderful people. About 500 came the last night when showing the Jesus Film.
FLMK Kamwingi Worship Centre - "under the tree"
We enjoyed a wonderful time on Sunday the 30th at Kamwingi Worship Centre – “under the tree”








Much rejoicing at Mailisaba Worship Centre since the tarp roof has been replaced with ironsheets
The MetalWoks workshop at Mailisaba is prospering inspite of a break-in which the thieves stole welding equipment and an gas engine from one of it's projects.
The Classic Metal Work workshop at Mailisaba is prospering inspite of a break-in which the thieves stole welding equipment and an gas engine from one of it’s projects.








Many from Manyatta Worship Centre ministered in the village of Chambiti during the 4 day crusade
Dedicating the new land for Manyatta Worchip Centre. We planted it's 1st tree, commissioned the cornerstone and broke ground for the new church building.
Dedicating the new land for Manyatta Worchip Centre. We planted it’s 1st tree, commissioned the cornerstone and broke ground for the new church building.

Ministry Born


June 9th 2014 will be a day remembered by many as God graciously allowed Full Life Ministry Kenya (FLMK ) to begin.  There was  much celebration in the hearts of those who now are free to serve God among their own people.

We praise God that He has allowed us to continue serving the people in Kenya by establishing this ministry. We move forward in His Truth, by His power and led by His Spirit.

Please bookmark our site so you can return later to see where God is leading us and all that He is enabling us to do for His Kingdom!

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