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Triumphant Grace Academy

Triumphant Grace Academy (TGA) began in 2015 with 42 children in our first Early Childhood Development (ECD) program. ECD in Kenya usually consists of three classes, Baby Class; Middle Class & Top Class. At the end of 2015, we graduated 17 children from Top Class to Standard One (Grade 1). Of the three feeder schools for Standard One in our area,  TGA placed the #1 top ranked student in two of the three school!

January 2016, we began our first Standard One Class on faith. In November, we graduated 20 into Std One and 15 into Std Two.

At the beginning of this year 2017, we prayerfully decided to begin our first Standard Two class with our 15 children. In all truth, we have begun on what most would declare “on a shoelace”.


Type I Sponsorship –

Sponsor a child by providing their complete school education – $25 per month

Your sponsorship provides everything your child will need such as their uniform, books, supplies, exam papers, meals at school, superior teaching and lots of love.

Each of us need someone to sponsor us, we do so want to learn…






Type II Sponsorship –   

Sponsor a child by providing  a school uniforms for a one time gift of $25.                       Uniforms are mandatory in Kenya.

One Uniform includes : Girls: Dress; Sweater; Socks & Shoes

: Boys: Trousers; Shirt; Tie; Sweater; Socks & Shoes

We have our uniforms, but many of our friends do not…







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