Matthew 28:19-20

Go Make Disciples – Teaching My Commandments

THE MISSION: “To fulfill in any and every way the commandment that Jesus gave all of His disciples as His final mandate.”

FLMK’s VISION –   “Raise up an army of Warrior Disciples of Jesus Christ who know God, who love God and who are equipped and who intentionally disciple others.”

It would appear that many in the body of Christ today live as if Jesus changed His mind. He has not and will not until He has put down all His enemies.

If we are going to follow this mandate, then we must follow and       adhere to the instructions Jesus gave His disciples. His original plan has not changed. It is the same plan He gave to His disciples. He gave specific detailed instructions on how to accomplish what He was commanding them to do. He told them what and what not to take with them on their mission. He told them what to do when confronted with disbelief. He told them what to do when encountering persecution. He instructed them on what to expect on this mission. He informed them that it would cost them their lives.

Did these men stay with the mission after they were given all this information? Yes, and all but one was required to lay his life down for His Lord. Why then do many today think that not much is required of them? The answer: they are being lied to. Wow, that’s a pretty big accusation! It is the truth! When someone twists the truth or distorts the truth or withholds the truth…that is a lie and the one doing it is a liar! Yes means yes, all the time; No means no, all the time.