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Jan – Mar 2020

The VBS children of LifeHouse Church in Middletown, DE raised funds to build a Water Reservoir at our FLMK Manyatta Headquarters. It has enabled our school Triumphant Grace Academy to have access to precious water for all of our children. It also has made available water for our local church families and an outreach to the people in Maragoli.

May God abundantly bless all of these VBS children and everyone who contributed to this sustainable water project that will supply water for years to come!

Some church members giving thanks…

Jun -Aug 2019

We traveled to all 7 of our churches when my daughter, Dawn came on her 7th trip to Kenya. She conducted Children Crusades along with our people loving these precious children. The 2 Women’s Conferences were a great help to our women in the surrounding villages. I believe we had 700+ children and 200+ women. To God be all the Glory!!!!

The day we had with our children at TGA was so rewarding. Seeing these children receiving the love of Christ from our staff. Helping with the Porridge Program was something you have to be there to understand. For many of these children this is the only meal they will eat that day.

We thank each one of you who have contributed to make this happen!!!

Jan – April 2019

January 7th was a great day as we opened Triumphant Grace Academy for its 6th year! We added Grade 4 and now have 90 students in our ECD classes through Grade Class 4. Pastor Don Mayes from Covenant of Peace USA joined Bishop Chivington to enjoy being with our students and staff.

Making a difference by teaching, training, discipling and loving our people has been and will continue to be ongoing until Christ’s return…

These projects were God’s provision which enabled us to labor for His glory and our people in Kenya…

June – Aug 2018

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God enabled us for His glory! 

Take a look:

Five Children’s Crusades –  457 Children




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Women’s Conferences –

Kidinye & Mailisaba




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Discipleship Training Series

Conferences  – Lukhuna & Bissel

Jan – April 2018

This year in the first 3 1/2 months, we have 78 new graduates in one of the 4 series of FLMK Discipleship Training.  We give all the glory to our God that 2018 has already been more fruitful than the entire year of 2017. God is moving among those who truly love Him and are obedient in following Him!

Mailisaba Grad Class – 14

Manyatta Grad Class – 33






Igunga Grad Class – 11

Lukhuna Grad Class – 19







We held Pastor / Wife Conferences at Malava and Mailsaba to allow all to attend. Solid biblical teaching on pastoring and the challenges we face in Kenya were explored for 2 full days…

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Malava Forest Pastor Conference

Mailisaba Pastor Conference






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Our Leadership Conferences,  at Manyatta and Mailisaba were of great help to our leaders. Learning transformational leadership skills is equipping our leaders to fulfill their vital positions in our churches.

Mailisaba Leadership Conference

Manyatta Leadership Conference







We were continuing to construct the new church building at Kamwingi in January when God intervened for His people…

Pics & Details below will be uploaded in the next few days…

Triumphant Grace Academy Term I – 2018


Jun-Aug 2017

JUNE…                                                                                                            Construction continues at FLMK Mailisaba Worship Centre. The walls are now up and the next phase is the floor. If you are interested in helping to provide the much needed funds, please contact us.


JULY…                                                                                                                                  FLMK National Women’s & Children Director Dawn Chivington Pastor Donald Williams came to Kenya July 6th – 20th bringing much joy to those they served.


We graduated 8 in our Discipleship Series II & III at Manyatta Worship Centre and our Youth group’s drama brought conviction and touched many hearts… Mungu ni mwaminifu !!!



Jan. – Mar 2017

JANUARY 2017                                                                                                                 At our school Triumphant Grace Academy, God enabled us to add Standard Class 2. Now we have 67 precious children learning, being loved and nurtured. We are trusting God to provide funds to continue to build, so that these children, some orphans, some Muslim, all of them His creation, will have a hope and a future.

[Click here to view pics at TGA]

MARCH 2017                                                                                                         Because of God’s faithfulness, we began construction on a permanent brick church at Kamwingi on March 18th! Our people there have faithfully been worshiping in their timber / canvas church. They committed to making 7,000 bricks as their contribution and Covenant of Peace Church in Fort Wayne IN provided the initial funds to put the church under roof. We are praying for the rest of the funds to complete the structure with windows, doors and a floor with altar.

FLMK Kamwingi Church…. [Click to see construction pics]

Mungu ni mwaminifu! (God is faithful!)

June – July – Aug 2016

Month of June:



One of the many village homes we visited in Maragoli area, some miles north of Kisumu. God added 22 to His Kingdom during these 5 days of evangelism!

(Click pic to view video of another home)

A few of the pathways we traveled to accomplish the mission God had laid out for us.



20160621_175935 20160622_154027











Month of July:

Our National Women & Children’s Director, Dawn Chivington lead our Children’s Crusade in Manyatta which touched the lives of many, many children. This year puppets which were donated by BT Church in McAllen, TX. held the attention of our children as they learned that if Jesus is with you, then even fear has no hold on you!

(Click on pic to view all pictures from crusade)



Later, Dawn along with local health officials, conducted a very successful Women’s Conference at our Manyatta Worship Centre. The women who attended were blessed as they received much information of healthcare, clean water, disease control and other important topics.

(Click on pic to view all pictures at Women’s Conference)



We traveled to the eastside of Kenya near Kitale where Dawn led our youth of Mailisaba church to help in the Children’s Crusade there. The children as well as our youth & adult workers had a wonderful time filled with crafts, puppets, games and learning about Jesus!

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Dawn along with local health officials from Kitale had a great Women’s Conference at our Mailisaba Worship Centre. The women received information of healthcare, clean water, disease control and discussed other important topics to help their families.

Beginning in prayer

Much discussion and many questions







This was the 2nd baptism at Mailisaba this year. Our church congregation is growing quickly here and we praise God for His faithfulness in an area with has much opposition to the Truth.

(Click pic to see all pictures of baptism)


Month of August:

Traveling to the western side of Kenya near Mwingi, we found that this region had not received rain since April, over 3months! The children were very eager to participate in our Kamwingi Church Children’s Crusade…

(Click on pic to see pictures of Children’s Crusade)


Having a water baptism sometimes needs some creativity. Since the rivers were dried up we had to have water carried in, then we dug our baptismal on our property a little distance from the church structure.  Mungu ni mwaminifu! God is faithful!

(Click to see pics of baptism)

Later at the end of August, we baptized 18 of our members from Manyatta Worship Centre, north of Kisumu. It was a great day as over 100 of our congregation gathered after our worship service to join with those being baptized!

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Jan. – Feb. 2016

God is doing some amazing things in the lives of many…

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16 Roof Completed
FLMK Mailisaba Worship Centre – New Building

The “Ten Commandments” come to Mailisaba






Crusade Banner
4-Day Crusade 7miles outside of Kitale


Discipleship Graduation at Manyatta Worship Centre

Grad 3
Our graduation at Mailisaba Worship Centre

December 2015

FLMK Youth Conferences –

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Mailisaba – Youth Conf.  On Dec.11th  17 children & Dec.12th 18 youth enjoyed worship, teaching and Bible Jeopardy. The competition was very competitive with the winners receiving their awards on Sunday. Our children & youth are learning much about the Bible, Jesus & His Kingdom!                  

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Manyatta – 3 day Youth Conference Friday the 18th our youth enjoyed worship, teaching on “Learning to Follow to Lead” and then dinner around a campfire. Saturday morning started at 5:30am praying at Morning Glory, then showers & breakfast. Next we had 2nd series teaching followed by lunch. The afternoon was filled with Bible Jeopardy competition! Later more worship,praise and dinner. That night our youth dealt a fatal blow by “burning” many problem as they prayed through around the campfire! Only eternity will reveal what God accomplished that night!!! Sunday Service was wonderful with much praise going to Jesus & later our winning teams received their awards.  We had 47 youth!

         Triumphant Grace Academy

[Click above for pics]                                                                                                                                               
Our 2015 ECD class has been successful !!! We graduated 17 students into Standard One for the school year 2016. Of the three feeder schools for Standard One in our area, TGA placed the #1 top ranked student in two of the three school! All the Glory to God…